Ohio Bail Bonds Pre-Licensing Self-Study Package



This course provides basic information on Ohio state statutes, rules, and regulations common to all lines of insurance including responsibilities of the Superintendent of Insurance, licensing requirements, unfair trade practices, bail bond procedures including discharging bail, collateral, bond posting and transfers, bail recovery, responsibilities of surety bail bond agents including agent liability, reporting requirements, fiduciary responsibility, and definitions pertaining to bail bonds.

You can study on your own time, when and where you wish – its just you and the material!  You will be required to pass an examination before you receive a Certificate of Course Completion. This, of course, means you have to pass a proctored exam* before you can take the state exam.


*Questions on the proctoring process?

Ohio Department of Insurance requires that all online and self study students complete their course by taking a proctored exam, which is needed to check understanding and knowledge of course content.  What does a proctored exam mean?  Exam proctors must be a disinterested 3rd party not related to you by blood, marriage, or any person who would receive financial gain, or any other relationship which would negatively influence them from fairly administering the exam. This allows you to find your own proctor and proctor online at your convenience. If you need assistance finding someone, you may contact your local public librarian, community college, local college or university business department.  In all cases, a documentation such as a current Driver’s License will be required for identification purposes.