Insurance Adjuster 

Some definitions to help you understand the different Adjuster positions in the insurance industry:

The following Adjuster positions are ones that the adjuster is working on behalf of an insurance company:

Staff Adjusters are typically salaried employees of an insurer or an insurer’s affiliates and do not adjust claims for entities other than their employer or its affiliates.

Independent Adjusters are self-employed or associated with or employed by an independent firm.  Independent adjusters may adjust claims on behalf of many insurers.

Some state require a license for the above two adjuster types.  Ohio does not require licensure for these Adjuster positions.

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The following Adjuster positions are ones that the adjuster is working on behalf of the consumer:

An individual in Ohio must have either a  Public Insurance Adjuster or a Public Insurance Adjuster Agent license to receive compensation.  Compensation for either of these public adjuster positions is typically derived from a percentage of the claim settlement.


A Public Insurance Adjuster is any person, firm, Association, partnership or corporation who, for compensation, acts on behalf of or aids in any manner, an insurer or insured or another in negotiating for, or effect, the settlement of a claim or claims for loss or damage under any policy of insurance covering real or personal property and any person, firm who advertises, solicits business or holds itself out to the public as an adjuster of insurance claims, and any person who for compensation investigates, settles, adjusts, advises, or assists an insurer or insured with reference to claims for such losses on behalf of any such public insurance adjuster.

The following are licensing requirements for the Public Insurance Adjuster in Ohio:  A state exam of 100 questions and a minimum passing grade of 70% is needed. There are currently no pre-licensing requirements needed to take this exam (unlike the requirements for Major lines – Life, Health, Property, Casualty, Bail Bond – where a course completion certificate is needed before taking the state exam).  The Public Insurance Adjuster exam is very similar to the Property & Casualty exam – the main difference being that there are more questions (a total of approximately 15) on claims issues.  To study for this exam, it is recommended that you obtain the material used for the Property and Casualty course.  Click here for more details:  Advantage Education’s P&C Course.

Once the test is passed, an application (to the Dept of Insurance) and bond are needed to complete the process.  For more details on this, reference the Ohio Dept of Insurance website.  Once obtained, this license generally can be utilized to obtain non-resident Public Insurance Adjuster licenses in other states.  In most states, a license is required to receive compensation as a Public Adjuster.


A Public Insurance Adjuster Agent is any person who is a bona fide employee of a public insurance adjuster and who aids in the adjustment, investigation and in securing of any contract for the adjustment of a loss.  This particular license is available in Ohio, but is not offered in many other states.  This type of license is similar to a solicitor’s license.  Though no exam is needed for this license, an application (to the Dept of Insurance) and bond are needed to complete the licensing process. This license is generally not recognized outside of Ohio, and thus can not be used to obtain non-resident licensing in other states.



Ohio does not require licensure for staff or independent Adjuster positions.
Ohio does require licensure for Public Adjuster positions. For state requirements, click here: